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New sport?

I did not know that nerd tossing was a sport.
The things you learn online, y0. I tell ya. What’ll they think of next?

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Chalk it!

Here are some pictures from Chalk La Strada. It’s hard to believe these are chalk drawings. Simply amazing!
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Postcards from the edge

You know, postcards are highly underrated. I’ve received three recently: one from Jennifer, one from Dawn, and one from a non-blogger friend. They’re just too cool. Why don’t we do it more often? It’s a pleasant surprise in the mail – a hell of a lot better than bills.
And San Diego has some of the coolest. I used to collect them. It may be time to start again. It’ll be a good decoration for the office. Lighter than shot glasses. Less breakable. Less dusting. smile

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What a weekend!
Friday night I dropped J off so he could cook on one of the boats out of Point Loma. I don’t even remember what I did that night – I think I just went home & studied. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read “Fra Lippo Lippi” by Robert Browning.
Saturday morning I got up early and went to meet a girlfriend just coming off of a 9 day fishing trip. Yup – 9 days! We chatted with another friend a bit about how the trip went. Shark bit. That describes it. The best part was this:
We see a guy and his father loading all of their catch and dumping ice in the back of a huge chevy truck. I jokingly told them it would take two days to fillet and clean all of that fish! He acknowledged that it would take a full day. My two girlfriends are doing some serious drooling over this guy. Drooling. Long story short, my friend “S” was too shy to get his number, but yells at him as he’s leaving that she’d like his phone number. He actually stopped his truck and asked what she said. This is where you insert the chirping crickets. Still too shy to follow through! So I asked for her. LOL! It only took a minute for her to get over her embarrassment and now they are planning to go out.
But a day to fillet fish? Ugh! I haven’t done that in years and don’t plan to start again. It’s easier to let someone else do it. I can do it and I don’t mind. Right now we don’t have the room to deal with the carcasses.
I stopped and ate breakfast before heading back home to grab my homework. I eventually wound up at Zanzibar, a coffee shop. I was there for about four hours, reading and jotting notes for my paper. When I couldn’t stand sitting anymore, I went for a walk and stumbled upon the “Discover PB” shindig. I’ve never been there before, but I guess it’s a local thing to showcase nearby restaurants and vendors. It was quite crowded.
I felt kindof sorry for myself for a little while. I was there and it was really cool, but I had no one to share it with. J was gone and I’ve let the number of my girlfriends dwindle alarmingly. One was too tired, one’s out of town, one’s married & a homebody. The rest have moved in the last year. It’s my own fault for not cultivating the relationships. So it’s time to change that.
Anyway, I did still enjoy myself and got to listen to a group called “Big Time Operator.” They do older swing and big band stuff from what I listened to. The last song they played was “Fly Me to the Moon” – it’s “our” song. *sigh* Missing him again. I’ll survive. We just haven’t spent a lot of quality time together, in part because of my schedule. I certainly can’t expect him to wait around until I have free time or need a study break. How unfair is that?
The munchkin’s uncle came by later that night and we watched a movie. She hasn’t seen him in a while and I think it was nice for her. It made for a very late night though. Hello, pillow – why I didn’t realize it was 1:30! My eyes and head screamed that they knew.
I slept in kinda late on Sunday. I went back out and tried to do some more studying before meeting some people at the Festa.
Festa is an event in Little Italy each year that just celebrates all things Italian. Cars, food, music, art. My favorite part is “Chalk La Strada” – artists use colored chalk to make amazing drawings – right in the middle of the street. I’ll try to load my pics tonight. It’s truly incredible.
Festa was my first event as a coordinator for a local group called San Diego People Connection. It’s a social group that just tries to get people together to discover new & fun things about the city they live in. It’s for all ages. I’ve already met some really cool people that I’m hoping will become good friends. A few of the people there have lived in San Diego for years and never knew about the Festa. And that’s the whole point of People Connection. Find out what cool things there are to discover in your city. I like it so far.
Since I can only handle a very large crowd for about 2 hours, I headed down to Borders to study w/a buddy. And I studied off and on until J got back. I was so tired by that point. I still hadn’t typed my paper or completely written it, but I knew what I wanted to say. But I was beat. So yesterday, I got up at 4:30 and came in early and typed the paper. Class goes from 6:30 – 9:45 pm. Mondays are very long days.
And I have a headache this morning. Feh.
Now, aren’t you glad you asked how I’ve been? wink

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