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Free Aztecs tickets!

We need your help! If you’re willing to help out with the Aztecs game, you’ll get two free tickets for the game tomorrow night.
What we need:
The Big Flag Team is going to be short on bodies to help display the 100 yd x 50 yd American Flag on the field. We’re asking for volunteers to show up at noon tomorrow, Saturday, at Qualcomm Stadium. Go to the back right hand side of the stadium, near J5, at the old Charger practice field. You need to be in the outer ring, all the way in the back. You’ll be trained on how to properly hold and display the flag. It takes about 260 people to pull this off and we need 80 more people to reach our goal.
If you know anyone that’s free Saturday and wants to go to the game, tell them to come on down. Tell your friends and neighbors in San Diego. Please!

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