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Yes, I made it out alive. I’ll even go back tomorrow. The new group seems like they have fun and aren’t too stuffy. Good to know. Problems transferring the e-mail account though. It would’ve been easier had I been new and not a transfer. Oh well. Plenty to do without e-mail. I’ll probably wish they’d just forgotten to give me any e-mail at all.
Been a busy night. Writing, putting out fires, dinner prep, homework, etc. You know, the usual.
So, um, yeah. I have lots to say & no time to say it in. The rest of the week is chock full o’ fun & too much work! Blogging will be lite during the day until I get in the groove.
But my new monitor? Damn! Flatscreen, low profile, sweet! It even has a built in usb hub. The cpu is okay. But the monitor is bitchin’!

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