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bitch alert

I think bellicose describes me (close to) perfectly today; or bitchy. Heh. I’m on edge, man.
I forgot something important, so I’ll have to run out on my lunch and get it. The parking garage was empty when I got to work, and some woman still had to park next to me – going to far as to wait for me to get my things out of the car. Man, that irks me.
I forgot to give the munchkin (who’s almost as tall as I) her lunch money. And right as we’re headed out the door, she mentions quintet practice tonight. No big. Oh, and by the way, she’ll be getting a ride. With a senior boy. Oh, hell no! We do not want her riding with other teenagers. Bad juju. That’s when accidents happen. So now she’ll have to get a ride with another girl’s mom, or I’ll have to take her (late). I feel like such a bitch, because I was absolutely adamant that she not ride with this boy. We don’t know him or his driving habits. Or even his family. And that’s another thing about big communities – you don’t know with whom your kids are making friends. But anyway, while I’m certain it’s the right decision, I still don’t have to like saying no.

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