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yeah, I know

I know, I suck. I haven’t been consistently updating. My life has been all kinds of crazy:
Vacation – 10 days w/family
School starts – I still need to get my permit & books
Message boards – I need to catch up on 10 days’ worth of reading for the 2 message boards I moderate
Labor Day weekend – birthday party, putting together furniture, and 2 barbecues
My job – I have to get a parking permit again; I just got a promotion and I’m going to be busy tying up loose ends for the next three weeks
So, life is good, but hectic. I have no idea if I’ll have the time or privacy to update during the day once I switch jobs. If so, I’ll save it up for the evenings. Such is life. I have a lot to say, when I can squeeze in some writing time. I’ll have to soon, or I’ll go insane.

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